The color of a Polar Bears fur is not white, the color is... well, it doesn't have a color! "What?!" You might say. The fur of a polar bear is actually transparent. It has a white hue because of the reflection of the sunlight and the snow. In fact, some fur is actually turning green due to algae growth!

The skin of a polar bear is actually black! Now you might think that since their skin color absorbs more heat, but studies show that actually the white hair absorbs more ultraviolet light.

Now, one more fact about polar bears (this has little relevance to the title, but hey! This was interesting).
Underneath their black skin is a layer of fat that is 4.5 inches thick! When most animals have fat, it is used to prevent heat loss. But in Polar Bears, it is the fur that is meant to prevent heat loss. Studies show that because of their fur, they become overheated when they run! 

Some interesting facts about this bear!


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