Panoply: A full collection or array of something {impressive}. (n)

This word is probably one of the easier words to incorporate into your vocabulary...... so share what panoplies in the comments below!
   Gaucherie: an act or movement that is socially awkward or embarrassing (n)

   Now this word is pronounced in a way you probably won't guess just by looking at it. Its pronounced like "Go-shuh-ree". 
   Well.... I think it is safe to say that we have all made Gaucheries...  Tell us what kind of Gaucherie that you have made in the comments!
Mizzle: Light rain; drizzle (n)

So, instead of saying: "Hey! Its drizzling outside", you can say: "Hey! Its Mizzling outside!" 
Just Kidding, I don't specifically know in which context you may use this word in :) Isn't this word convenient? :P 
Vicennial: happening every 20 years (n)

So this word is similar in context to the words like decade, century 

Nocive: Harmful or injurious (adj)

This word is a bit strange... remind me of nauseous or the word novice... and the definition is a bit hard to find on the internet...

This word has an italian,fr
Juxtapose: to place side by side, such as when dealing in comparing and contrasting. (v)
Coriander: a type of herb with a special aroma that is used in many perfumes (n)

So if you are a herbalist, whalah!!!! If you are not going to be one
Afflatus- pulse for creativity; inspiration (n)

Finally added a new word :) I think this word might be more easy to use in a sentence than the other words ;)
Lamprophony: Loudness and Clarity of Voice
Why are offbeat words such as these invented... they were probably used in the Early English language before the 1600s... I don't know... XD
Part of Speech: Adjective
Definition: pertaining to or resembling to a hedgehog
Umm... what a weird word... I mean how many times will you hear or read that word in you lifetime? None- excluding this.