When you turn on a light bulb, it releases energy, or heat. Humans measure the energy being released/consumed with watts. When a light bulb is on, watts are released every second, milisecond, and nanosecond while it is on. 
Humans are similar. When you are alive, you produce heat. Generally when you rest or do nothing, we release 100 watts; The amount of watts released is dependent on the amount of calories you consume and how much of it you actually burn off. 
Hmmmm.... maybe we should consider using ourselves to power up our world! (Just Kidding! :o)
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Fortune Cookies originated in the USA, not China! Ahh, how so many of us were wrong! They are American, NOT Chinese!...
Now we are going to talk about how fast a sneeze exits your nose! Your sneeze exits your nose at speeds of 100 mph!!! Imagine that. Air from YOUR body comes out at a speed that is equivalent to a car on the highway! This is a fact to make people who sneeze loudly (such as myself) feel good about ;)
Fascinating stuff!

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Now before I jump into his speed, let me say one thing about martial arts movies...
   If you have ever seen a fight between two martial artists, they look like they can fight at extraordinary speeds. But they can't actually fight that fast. Instead, the cameramen are speeding up the frames, or "fast-fowarding", the actio scene to make it look fast.
   This wasn't the case with Bruce Lee. It is said that if you have a coin in your palm, and you try to close it, Bruce Lee could take the coin before you close your palm! When he was making movies, the camera men had to SLOW down the frames so that Lee's moves were visible to the audience. That's how fast he was!
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Did you know that the average human lungs combined have a total surface area of 70 square meters, which is about the size of half a tennis court! Amazing Stuff, huh? Imagine, us tiny humans, contain something that large... Cool!

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