Hey guys so I am redoing this whole section! All the memez I put up so far anime-related is in a subsection and in a slideshow! And I will start doing some manga reviews!!!

Here is another anime-related website that I am helping to build :) 
Hey guys, DailyRamen is a cool website about almost all anime! So visit it! I think it is pretty cool. The link is below:
I don't know of much anime websites that have games, but if you know of any (Even if they are just flash games) contact me! I will add the games. So here's what I have so far!
For those of you that REALLY want to watch FREE anime, NO DOWNLOAD, that is LEGAL, then you have come to the right place. I will provide you with many websites that let you watch anime with little hassle!

I mainly have Naruto, Pokemon, and Bleach because that is what I watch. But if you contact me in the "Contact Me" page and I will give you the website.

WatchCartoonOnline.com has not only American Cartoons but Anime movies and stuff.
Hey guys! Wanna read manga online for free? Go to these websites. They have manga for every anime: Bleach, One Piece Naruto, you name it!
More thingz will soon be added... Now what thingz you wonder...

Well, I will provide you a list of anime sites and manga sites. I will make a section where all we talk about is "Hey! Have you read the latest Manga in Naruto/Bleach/One Piece (etc)?"
I will also post funny spinoffs or bloopers of the anime.
So stay tuned!