17th fact: the amount of time a cat sleeps

A cat sleeps about 16-20 hours a day! This means that they sleep for about 66% of their life- which is about 15 to 20 years!

18th fact: The movement of a sloth

   A sloth (three-toed) barely moves at all, thus gaining its nickname the lazy animal. However, when a sloth is in panic and needs to run from a predator, it can move at an "astonishingly high speed" of 13 feet a minute. 
   Due to their curved hands and feet, a sloth moves faster in trees than on land.On trees they move at 9 feet a minute while on land they move at 6.5 feet a minute. 
   Aside from speed, lets talk about where they stay. They almost always hang effortlessly upside down from trees. They will eat, sleep, and give birth while hanging from a tree! They also come to the ground only once a week to release waste! "How exciting"! 

   Despite their laziness, I actually think that they are cute... I want them as a pet (no sarcasm there.... don't judge me XD)

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