When snails go to sleep, they can be asleep for week periods. But, when they want to hibernate, they take an extra long nap that can last for 3-4 years! Amazing huh! Out of a snail's 15 period lifetime, they can be asleep for 3-4 years (20% of their life). Now why do they do this? Snail's need lots of moisture to keep alive. In order to keep the moisture they collect, they hibernate for a long time! 
   Now snails hibernating for 3-4 years in their short lifetime is equivalent to a human sleeping for 13 years out of -lets say- a 75 year life-span. Imagine if humans hibernated that long.... imagine if we hibernated at all.....

Aren't snails cute? :) (no sarcasm there... I really do think they are cute.... XD)

09/24/2013 7:08pm

No one knows you! Can't you tell!


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