Part of Speech: Adjective
Definition: pertaining to or resembling to a hedgehog
Umm... what a weird word... I mean how many times will you hear or read that word in you lifetime? None- excluding this.
Definition: an ambush, snare, or trap
Pronounciation: Goo- et- ah- pon
This word is of French origin, so if you look it up, you won't find a definition from lets say:
Although, you can find youtube videos of a girl spelling a word. Thats because this is a 2012 Scripts National Spelling Bee word!
Rapparee: a word that refers to an Irish Soldier

This was a word that was used in the 2012 Scripts National Spelling Bee  (in the semi-finals)! A good word to know, but also a weird one. It was used during the 1700's... I am spelling the word right, but I guess since this word is so old an unused, the computet
Verbose: characterized by the use of too many words, especially in written expression

Well, I might be a little Verbos
Garrulous: to be excessively talkative 

Well, garrulous isn't a long word... but it is a word that is not known by many [up until now :D]