Hey guys! So I put up a new link about a story I am writing in fictionpress (website like fanfiction)! So please read and spread the word about it! The link will be in the linkz page. Also, please answer the survey on the hompeage! It will help me a lot!
   Hey guys! So a few simple updates and I put a survey on the home page! Please answer the survey and spread this website! With enough news this website will be able to expand! S
Hey guys, ummm sorry I haven't updated, i have just, once again, been a bt
Hey guyz! Sorry I haven't updated... I have been lazy, sorry! I will try to make an effort to update more. Check out my youtube channel (button on home page)! I will post skits soon :D
Hey guyz I deleted two pages: the pollz and the tutorialz. They were just not working. I am going to start filming for my youtube channel so ke
I haven't updated in 2 months I know... but I am coming back for this Summer and as you noticed major changes! I have changed the theme of this website; Split the anime page into subsections with slideshows, and I am seriously considering opening a store! For the Summer I am going to make an ATTEMPT to update everyday since I now have a lot of time on my hands!
I might start youtube videos so stay tuned! Oh and check out my instagram and follow me! The link is on the homepage!
Also new Facebook Page! For the link go the the home page :D
But, I updated today :)
So, lots of new memez in the Memez section and the Anime Section! New AMV video in the Anime Video section. New word and fact. A new poll about Anime Organization. I think, in the future, things will be moved around... so yeah...
Um, still no tutorial... Don't hurt me! 
Oh yeah, if you have any cool facts, Contact me in the "Contact Me!" Page. I will (try to) post that fact the following weekend! Um, I might create a RandomBrainz business page... I don't know. So, have a good weekend... or in this case, S
Hey guyz! So, I am keeping true to my resolution to updating this site at least every week!
There are new Memez, a new word, and new fact, and two separate anime related Memez on the Anime page. 
Also, there is a new blog named Domestic Advertisement! This page is where I am going to post videos that I will post on Youtube and Facebook to advertise this website. I put one video in there right now, so RATE it! Constructive Criticism is tolerated :)

I promise, tutorialz are coming soon! I know I have been saying that repeatedly... but... ok I don't have an excuse. I am a procrastinator... at everything... So it might come in two weeks... we will never know ;)
Nothing Major going on, yet! I am in the process in making my first tutorial. I have a feeling it is going to be about math (sorry to those that wanted artsy tutorials- I will make them soon!). Umm, a new page for anime fans. A new Random Wordz Post, a new Random Factz post, and dome new memz! 
Have you noticed? I updated this weekend! Hiopefully I will be able to update the website every weekend!!! :)
I have done a bit of re-arranging with this site! So things are moved to different places. Just thought I would tell you guyz if you haven't figured it out already! :)

Also, I am going to try to update the site at least every single week!  So, (maybe) try to be expecting updates!